Arm Pain:

My first memory of Discovery Back & Body Center was the pleasant and caring voice of Susan when I called the office due to a perplexing pain that I'd had in my shoulder and arm for 3 months. You may ask why I waited 3 months, the only answer that has any logic is ... stupidity! (If you are in pain, I suggest you follow my words not my actions!!)

During my first visit, I was greeted warmly and comfortingly by Susan. As I was ushered into Dr.

Bahram's office and I laid on his table, the tears began to flow from the overwhelming pain. As I cried all over his table, he spoke to me gently and worked on me tenderly. It took a few long months to figure this pain out, but Dr. B was consistently relentless!

Once that pain was under control we moved onto dealing with issues from my neck, shoulders and lower back which I have had for years. (I spend equal amounts of time in front of a computer monitor and keyboard as I do long hours on my feet standing and speaking, much to my bodies dislike.)My body is not consistent in it's reactions to adjustments; however, Dr. B creatively and persistently finds ways to get my body back to where it belongs.

I am now to the point where I go in when I need a "tune-up" and am immensely enjoying the new Hydro-Massage table prior to my visit with the Dr.

Over the years, I have grown to love this dear family and their genuine concerns for me and the joyous laughter that fills their office. Two and a half years later I can say that I am not only a satisfied patient, I am a loved, blessed, and grateful member of the Discovery family!"

~ Kathy Daley


I have suffered from neck, shoulder, and hip pain for years because of osteoarthritis and general degenerative disc disease. I have particular trouble in the cervical disc area and have had a lot of headaches and general achiness all over. I have been to several orthopedic doctors, had two 6 week sessions of physical therapy and even had corticosteroids shot into the facets of the vertebrae in my back. The pain always came back and the anesthetic and its after effects were unpleasant to say the least.

The only relief I have gotten is from Dr. Meymand, with hydromassage and regular adjustments. Dr. Meymand is the fifth chiropractor I tried and I finally found a Doctor who really treats my problems with care, concern, and lots of knowledge and experience in chiropractic adjustments. Dr. "B", as I call him, is genuinely concerned for the health and well-being of his patients, and wants to help you figure out what is causing your pain. If one particular therapy doesn't work, he'll try another.

Susan Meymand, Dr. "B's" wife, is the other half of the team. She books all the appointments, handles the books and billing and she is just a delight; always cheerful, caring, and helpful.

I could go on and on about the environment of the clinic and the way the Meymands care about their patients. I have been going regularly to the clinic for two years. My condition continues to improve, and I am able to enjoy my life more, free from almost debilitating pain.

Give yourself the treat of visiting their clinic and you will be glad you did. Your body will say "ahhhhhhhh'!!

Sally Stone

Car Accident Injuries:

I am a 19 year old that was involved in a severe car accident in December of 2006. After having suffered with back pain as a teenager, I was afraid this accident would exacerbate my condition; however, I immediately began seeing Dr. Meymand and with regular adjustments over the past few months, I am feeling great! My back, neck, and shoulders have all benefited from the adjustments and as an overall feeling, I am noticeably less stiff throughout the length of my spine. Dr. Meymand is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the spine and alternative healing. He is a very fun and easy-going doctor who puts me at ease, and I always love my visits to Discovery Chiropractic.

J. C.


I first met Dr. Meymand during a MS 150 bike ride. He was treating team members at the end of the first day, after we all rode 70 miles. While I was getting “my turn” Dr. Meymand discovered and corrected a problem in my neck that had been giving me fits for about two years. I had been to another doctor for a year and a half and he had not discovered the problem. About a year later I started having headaches everyday. I remembered that Dr. Meymand had helped me at the MS 150 so I tracked him down. After two weeks my headaches were almost completely gone and I found that I was smiling again, more often than not. I feel that Dr. Meymand will be able to help me completely rid myself of chronic headaches, which will allow me to do the things I enjoy and have an active life.

Sue Jackson

Hip Pain:

I began treatment with Discovery Body and Back Center with complaints of pain in my right leg, from foot through the knee and into the hip. I was experiencing nerve pain from butt through the hamstring and into the back of my knee. We did an initial 6 weeks with twice a week visits and have been on a maintenance program since (adjustments about every 8 weeks).

My pain seems a very distant memory. While I miss visiting the office on a more frequent basis (Dr. Meymand and Susan make every one feel like family/friends), I was impressed with my recovery and felt the entire problem was treated not just the symptoms. Most of the problems with my right leg stemmed from my left hip being out of line (go figure!).

I have recommended Discovery Back and Body Center to friends and co-workers and will continue to do so!

Vicki Sutherland

Low Back Injuries:

I received excellent treatment and care from Dr. Bahram and his staff. I came for care due to a fall that resulted in lower backpain, neck and shoulder pain and my range of movement was restricted due to pain. The doctor's skill at manipulating and adjusting gave me tremendous relief. His specialized equipment and physical therapy sessions were very helpful also. I'll be forever grateful.

Peggy Farmer

Low Back Pain:

Until August of 2004 I had never been to a chiropractor. Prior to that time I wasn't really even open to the idea of visiting one. I had heard very good things about Dr. Bahram through my massage therapist (who is also a patient of his) but didn't think that I would ever need a chiropractor. That was until the pain in my lower back took me to my knees and I had to have immediate help. Not only did Dr. Bahram alleviate my severe discomfort but his patience and excellent care convinced me of the benefits of chiropractics. I was honest in the beginning and told him how skeptical I was. Both Susan and Dr. Bahram are so warm and professional that I was immediately comfortable in the office. As my lower back pain gradually decreased (it is gone now) I recognized the benefits of consistent adjustments. I have become more attuned to my body and am better at recognizing when it is time for an apointment - before it is an emergency.

I am of the belief that our trials in life are what make us stronger. I believe that the pain in my back that led me to Discovery Chiropractics has definitely made me stronger and for that I am grateful.

Julie W.

Muscle Weakness:

I am an 85-year old female, having been diagnosed with good health but needing calcium. My balance was not good due to vision and hearing loss, but I have been given balance exercises from Dr. Bahram, plus extensive muscle stretching and water exercises.

Due to my age, I do have muscle soreness, tightness and tension. When he works with me, he figures out the origin of the problem and the other parts of my body which may be affected. Not only does he direct me in the proper floor exercises, but we also work out in my pool.

I continue to be in his care and appreciate the fact he has directed me in the proper supplements to take and has given me the body strength and confidence to allow me to be significantly more physically active than when I started.

If you get to know Dr. Bahram and how much he knows in addition to what he can help you do for your body, you will be amazed at how much better you will feel and how much more responsive your body becomes. Not only is this great for you physically, but through this your mental attitude improves along with your ability to feel more in control of your body and your activities.



When I first came to see Dr. Meymand, I was not entirely convinced that my problem was back related. After 3 months of regular treatments, I have seen significant improvement, and will continue to visit Discovery Back & Body Center. Dr. Meymand and his wife have been absolutely precious to me- very caring and giving and attentive.


Sports and Chiropractic:

Dr. Meymand and Susan:

On behalf of the team, THANK YOU for everything this weekend. Your time in the tent and at the finish line meant so much to everyone.

One of our riders was riding her first MS 150. She said she had never had an adjustment before but Dr. Meymand made her feel perfect for the second day ride. She said she has not felt so good in YEARS. Her friend who also rode with us, visits a chiro every 6 weeks and promotes your services highly! Even riders who were hesitant to try chiropractic care said that you made a world of difference and they are now hooked! So thank you for reaching out and changing the minds of people who would not otherwise have given chiro care a shot!

Also, everyone has said they LOVED receiving a clean t-shirt and the cold water at the finish line. Thank you for doing all of this!

Your time and service has really made a big difference in the morale and character of the team. THANK YOU!!!